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Dave Lewis has been an industry leader for the past decade, helping thousands of marketers drive revenue for their businesses. In Manufacturing Demand, he distills his experiences into a clear formula for achieving these results in any business.

Steve Woods
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The First Book on Lead Management

Traditionally, the mind of the marketer has been on lead generation: filling the top of the funnel. Today, while that's still a key first step toward growing your customer base, Marketing's role is to build and optimize a "demand factory."

Manufacturing Demand: The Principles of Successful Lead Management teaches you how the top digital marketing teams are leveraging the marketing cloud to better align sales and marketing and achieve breakthrough revenue gains and customer growth.

Marketing guru David Lewis, CEO of DemandGen International, provides you with the key principles for creating your own demand-generation factory including:

  • How to establish buyer personas and segment your database
  • The importance of developing your content strategy aligned to the buying process
  • The benefits for establishing a Demand Funnel for Sales and Marketing alignment and lead managment
  • How to use Lead Scoring to prioritize every lead passed to sales
  • Ways for automating prospect and client communcations through Lead Nurturing programs
  • How you can measure and report on marketing's contribution to revenue

David reveals the methodologies and techniques for success by incorporating real-world case studies on how the top sales and marketing teams are driving growth applying these principles of successful lead management.

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